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Climate Science


Man-made climate change was first predicted in 1896. The fundamental theory behind this conclusion, the greenhouse effect of CO2, has remained unchanged and uncontested since then. Any disagreement in climate science today is one of magnitude: how fast will the world heat?


  • Climate Change Basics: a simple and easy-to-understand overview of climate change. Watch here.

  • The Discovery of Global Warming (a timeline from the American Institute of Physics web site). Read here.

  • Realities vs. Misconceptions about Climate Change Science. Read here.

  • International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Synthesis Report. Read here.

  • Climate Change Denial – Skeptical Science. Read here.

  • What we know with a high degree of certainty. Read here.

  • The Oxygen Crisis: the oceans produce 2/3rd of the planet’s oxygen, 1/3rd comes from trees. Ocean acidification destroys the food sources for phytoplankton, and forests have been cut down at an astonishing rate. Read here.


Economics Studies

  • CCL is working for a federal policy that will assess a fee on all fossil fuels when they enter the economy, return the funds collected to American households as a monthly dividend, and protect business by making border adjustments when exporting to or importing from countries with no carbon fee. Read more.

  • Considering a US Carbon Tax: Economic Analysis and Dialogue on Carbon Pricing Options. Read more.

  • The Economic, Climate, Fiscal, Power, and Demographic Impact of a National Fee-and-Dividend Carbon Tax. Read here.

  • The Economic Risks of Climate Change in the United States. Read here.

  • Financial Impact on Households of Carbon Fee and Dividend. Read here.

  • Policy Paper on Carbon Taxes Impact on Foreign Trade – Border Tariffs. Read here.


Carbon Fee vs Cap and Trade

  • Cap and Trade is our second favorite solution. Read here.

  • So what are all these caps, fees, dividends, and swaps? Definitions.

  • Carbon pricing policies: overview and instrument options. Read here.


Food, Farming and Forestry

  • NEW! Regenerative Organic Agriculture and Climate Change: a Down-to-Earth Solution to Golobal Warming.  Rodale Institute, April 2014. Read here.

  • Slowing down the use of carbon fuels and then shifting entirely to renewable sources of energy is the obvious challenge ahead of us. But science is by now certain that we have already passed trigger points that will make it necessary to actually remove CO2 from the atmosphere to keep the planet long term habitable. To achieve that we have to work with nature, and the 4 per 1000 initiative introduced by the French government during the Paris climate talks has the greatest potential. Here an article that explains the basic idea. Read here.

  • Hidden Costs of Industrial Agriculture and its impact on a changing climate. Read here.

  • From the Ground Up: Inspiring Community-based Food System Innovation that links the consumer to the farmer. To enable a shift towards organic farming requires a fundamental shift in our dietary habits, and all of us need to participate. Read here.

  • Roles of Forests in Climate Change. Read here.

  • Want Healthier Soil? Link it to Crop Insurance! Scientists now say incentivizing soil health would improve food security and sustainability, especially as the climate changes. Read here.

Renewable Energy

  •  It’s not hard to transition to renewable energy! The Irreversible Momentum of Clean Energy. Read here.

  • A Plan for a Sustainable Future: How to get all energy from wind, water, and solar power by 2030. Read here.

  • Maps to support renewable energy development and generation projects in the United States. Read here.

  • Solar, Wind, Hydropower: Home Renewable Energy Installations you can take advantage of to become energy self-sufficient. Read here.


National Security

Climate change is not just about the temperature. As water resources change, sea levels rise, and fossil energy becomes scarce, world conflict and refugee populations are expected to increase.


  • Climate Change Deemed Growing Security Threat by Military Researchers. Read here.

  • The Center for Climate & Security; Exploring the Security Risks of Climate Change. Read here.

  • Climate Change, Migration, and Conflict in South Asia as an example, but to be expected in Africa and South America as well. Read here.

  • Climate change ‘already affecting food supply’ – UN Report by climate change panel says global warming is fueling not only natural disasters, but potentially famine – and war. Read here.

Climate Change in Oregon

  •  Oregon Climate Change Research Institute: The vision of the institute is to achieve a climate-prepared Northwest by building a climate knowledge network cultivating climate-informed communities; advancing preparedness and adaption. Read here.

  • A brief summary report: How Climate Change will affect Oregon. Read more.

  • Global climate change report: Impacts on Oregon, Pacific Northwest. Read more.

  • A Strategy for Adapting to the Impacts of Climate Change on the Oregon Coast. Read here. 

  • Impact of Climate Change on Oregon’s Agriculture. Read here.


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